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H2-758 is a new hybrid servo driver
successfully developed by Leadshine Company. It adopts the latest special motor control DSP chipand vector closed-loop control technology. It provides accuracy of the machine and reduce the energy consumption of the machine.The mounting dimensions of the H2-758 adaptive motor are fully compatible with the traditional 86 series stepper
motors, which are easy to upgrade and cost only 50% of the traditional AC servo system.


Technical Feature 

  • New 32-bit motor control special DSP chip
  • Adopt advanced vector type closed-loop control technology  
  • Has trapezoidal wave test function
  • Static current and dynamic current can be arbitrarily set (0-- 8A range)
  • Can drive 86 series of hybrid servo motor
  • Photocoupler isolated differential signal input
  • Pulse response frequency 200KHz
  • Subdivision setting (200~51200)
  • Has the protection of overcurrent, overvoltage and tracking error.  
  • Six digital tube display, easy to set parameters and monitor motor running status  


Application Area

Suitable for all kinds of automatic equipment and instruments requiring large torque, such as: engraving machine,
wire stripper, marking machine, cutting machine, laser photoprinter, plotter, CNC machine tools, flying needle testing
machine, automatic assembly equipment, etc.

Hybrid Servo Driver H2-758

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