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Laminator Machines

Pneumatic Laminator Machine Hot & Cold Roller with Roll to Roll operation

Laminator Machine Pneumatic lifter with Hot & Cold function Roll to Roll

Fully adjustable nip-gap and pressure for precise application. Roll-to-Roll and Piece-to-Piece operation capacity. For more information Contact Us.

Cheap Laminator manual machine

Manual Laminator Machine

Suitable for: Post-press materials, shaped display boards, cardboard (packaging), car stickers, floor stickers, backlit display
boards, banners and window display materials, desktop stickers... Materials used: cold lamination film

Cold roller Laminator machine for sticker and other advertising companies

Semi Automatic Laminator Machine Cold Roller

Semi Automatic Cold laminator Machine. Economical and User friendly Easy to operate. Kaneez A one machinery Trading llc always keep stock of machines to meet Customer requirements. For more information Contact Us

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