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2.2 kW water cooled CNC spindle motor for sale at low price, 24000 rpm speed, 0.85 Nm torque, 400Hz frequency, 220V/380V AC operating voltage, ER20 (φ3.175 mm - φ13 mm) collet.


  • Spindle motor with superior durability ER20 collet ensures smooth running.
  • Fast response, strong overload capacity, low noise and high mechanical precision.
  • High quality 3 pcs bearings (7005Cx2 + 7002Cx1), runout off less than 0.01mm, tapered bore less than 0.005mm.
  • P4 grade ceramic ball bearings used as spindle bearing, which improves the service life under high speed revolution.
  • Lubricated with grease, which is resistant to 200 degrees high temperature.
  • Tight sealing and two-layer dustproof design.



This series water cooled electric spindle motors mainly match with variable frequency drives or engraving machines, CNC router machine, and used for high speed profiling, drilling, cutting, engraving and groove milling of wood, metal, plastics, foam, rubber and other materials.



  • Power: 2.2 kW
  • Diameter: φ80 mm
  • Phase: Three phase
  • Speed: 24000 rpm
  • Voltage:  380V±10% AC / 220V±10% AC
  • Current: 4.2A / 8.0A
  • Frequency: 400Hz
  • Torque: 0.85 Nm
  • Number of Pole: 2 poles
  • Cooling Type: Water-cooled
  • Lubrication: Grease
  • Thermal Class: Class F
  • Protection Class: IP50
  • Joint of Nose: ER20 (φ3.175 mm - φ13mm)
  • Bearings Type: 7005C P4*2 & 7002C P4*1
  • Application: Woodworking & Plastic
  • Weight: 5 kg

Spindle Motor 2.2KW 1 Phase 400hz GDF80 - Water Cooled

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