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Technical parameters:

  • The plastic tube with nozzle length: 48cm
  • The pipeline length: 2m
  • Gas port diameter: <11mm
  • Air pressure: >2bar


  1. To solve the problem of the machine a lot of water and easier to clean.
  2. Cooling the processing solution can save more than 80%, the cooling effect is no less than the conventional water-cooled.
  3. Gas processing debris was blown away, processing more secure.
  4. The spray coolant gas and cooling liquid is adjustable, easy to use on different processing conditions.
  5. Supplied with coolant spray bottle holder.
  6. This bottle holder with a variety of popular beverage bottle size, to facilitate customers to replace the bottle.
  7. Metal hose, long life.

Mist Cooling for CNC Router machines spare parts UAE

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