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HBS1108 adopts the latest special motor control DSP
chip and applies vector closed-loop control technology, it can obviously improve the high speed performance of the motor,
reduce the heating degree of the motor and reduce the vibration of the motor, so as to improve the processing speed and accuracy of the machine and reduce the energy consumption of the machine. HBS1108 adaptor motor mounting dimensions are fully compatible with traditional 86 series stepper motors. Traditional stepper drive solutions are easy to upgrade, and the cost is only 50% of that of traditional AC servo systems.
Technical Feature 

  • New 32-bit motor control special DSP chip
  • Adopt advanced vector type closed-loop control technology
  • Has trapezoidal wave test function
  • Static current and dynamic current can be arbitrarily set (0-- 8A range)
  • Can drive 86 series simple servo motor
  • Photocoupler isolated differential signal input
  • Pulse response frequency 200KHz
  • Subdivision setting (200~51200)
  • Has the protection of overcurrent, overvoltage and tracking error. 
  • Six digital tube display, easy to set parameters and monitor motor running status


Application area:

Suitable for all kinds of automatic equipment and instruments requiring large torque, such as: engraving machine,
wire stripper, marking machine, cutting machine, laser photoprinter, plotter, CNC machine tools, flying needle testing
machine, automatic assembly equipment, etc.  The application effect is especially good in the equipment with low
noise and high speed expected by users.  

HBS 1108 Hybrid Easy Servo Drive Only

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