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Basic Info:

Operate Mode: Simple Servo

Type: Magnetic-Electric

Brand: Leadshine

Model: H2-2206

Material: Metal

Phase: 3 Phase

Voltage: 220V


Product Description

  1. Adopting a 32-bit motor control dedicated DSP chip.
  2. Adopting advanced vector based closed-loop control technology.
  3. Equipped with trapezoidal wave testing function.
  4. Automatic adjustment of output current size (within the range of 0-6A).
  5. Can drive 86 and 110 high-voltage hybrid servo motors.
  6. Optocoupler isolation differential signal input.
  7. Pulse response frequency 200KHz.
  8. Subdivision settings (within 200~51200).
  9. Equipped with protection for overcurrent, overvoltage, and tracking error exceeding tolerance.
  10. Six digit digital display, convenient for setting parameters and monitoring motor operation status, etc

H2-2206 Hybrid Easy Servo Drive Only

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