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SH - CL86BH is a new type of low-voltage hybrid servo products, this product USESthelatest DSP digital processing chip and advanced technology, current and frequencyconversioncontrol algorithm for device manufacturers provide a cost-effective hybrid servo drive solutions. Sh-CL86BH is compact in structure, compact in volume, space-saving, andreduceselectromagnetic interference between lines.



  • Weight: 500g

  • Application: cnc machine

  • Type: Hybrid

  • Current: 8A

  • Frequency: 200KHZ


Technical Parameters:

  • Working voltage: ac, dc universal, ac input voltage: 24~80VAC, recommended working voltage: 60VAC
  • Continuous output current: maximum 8.0a (advanced stepping servo overloadcapacity)
  • Differential and single-terminal pulse/direction commands are acceptable, withthreecontrolmodes of position/speed/torque
  • FOC magnetic field positioning control technology and space vector pulse widthmodulation(SVPMM) closed loop control technology were adopted
  • Advanced variable current technology and variable frequency technology areadoptedtoreduce the heating of motor and driver effectively
  • Pulse number per cycle can be set by debugging software or code extraction (subdivision)
  • With overvoltage, undervoltage, over - current and over - differential protectionfunctions
  • Single/double pulse mode, pulse effective edge optional 500KHz(200KHz by default)
  • The input interface level of pulse, direction and enable signals is 4.5-28v compatible
  • Performance: stable speed, small overshoot, small tracking error, lowheatingof motoranddriver

Easy/Hybrid Servo Drive (SH-CL86BH)

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