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Product Description

We offer Torch Lifter for CNC Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma / Flame Cutting Machine Control System, High Quality Cutting Torch for Small and Heavy Gantry Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Torch Holder with Anti Collision Sensor, Steel Rail 24 Kg for CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine and DC 24 V Auto Ignition Device for Oxyfuel Flame Cutting Machine.


Quick Detail:

1.85 mm Straight Strip cutting torch

2.For CNC flame cutting machine

3.Balanced pressure structure design cutter to cut the steel plate


Structural Features:

1.It is made of high quality forging brass.

2.Balanced pressure structure design.

3.It adopts silver solder, which can effectively avoid leakage.

4.O.D.of the tube: 30 mm.

5.The length of the tube: 85 mm.

6.The gear rack can be installed at 4 different positions with 90 degrees between two positions.

7.It is suitable for balanced pressure cutting nozzle/tip with cone of 30 degrees.




Staight Strip Oxy-feul Cutting Torch is suitable for use in digital control flame cutting machines, and is used to connect the cutting nozzles/tips, cutting steel and other metal materials. The torch needs to match with the cutting tip for cutting, and the different type of cutting tip uses for cutting different thickness of the steel plate. A oxy-fuel cutting torch has three valves to control the gas, two valves for oxygen which is blue, one valve for fuel gas which is blue.



Working Principles:

Gas cutting is to use the flame produced by the mixture of fuel gas with oxygen to realize the cutting of metal, so it is also called thermal cutting and flame cutting.


Maintenance Skills:

1.Install the cutting torch correctly.
2.Replace the consumables in time before completely damaged.
3.Avoid the collision of the cutting torch.
4.Keep the connection threads of the cutting clean.
5.Keep the contact area of between the electrode and cutting tips /nozzles.
6.Check if there are loose parts.

CNC oxyfuel Torch With Solenoid Valve

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