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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Heavy Duty

Welcome to Kaneez A one Machinery Trading. Looking For Strapping bailer machine? Here is Semi Automatic Strapping Machine. Easy to operate and Boost packaging Speed. Compact Size, Covers Less Space Enhances Productivity. For more information Contact Us

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Heavy Duty

◆The Hot Knife is centrally located at the front of the strapping head.Movement of the knife is controlled by a cam.
◆ An all new electrical system using solid state technology supplies continual power supply to the electrical components within the machine. Usingsimple to insert circuit boards provides for safe and fast maintenance free operation
◆ The Electrical Control Panel consists of the Main Power ON-OFF Switch, Feed Length Time r, Reset Switch and Feed Length Switch(Jog Feed)
◆Semi-automatic Strapping MachThis model is designed to strap packages with plasticstrap 6mm to 15mm width. The strap ends are
joined by means of hot-knife welding process
Strapping Machine tension
Model: Semi Auto Strapping Bailer
40-480N adjustable | Strapping Machine speed: 1.8 sec./strap
Strap width: 6-15mm
Power supply | 220V/50HZ, 1P
Power consumption: 0.34KVA
Power: 500w
Strapping Machine size: 836*560*725MM
Strapping Machine weight: 85KG

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