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Semi Auto Sealer Machine FXJ6050 Model

Welcome to A-ONE Machinery Trading. Looking For Top class Packaging Machinery? We are here to serve you. Our High quality Carton Sealer Machine available in different Sizes like 5050, 6050 models are most famous. Easy to Operate and Less maintenance. Contact Us for more information.

Semi Auto Sealer Machine FXJ6050 Model

Product name: Packing semi automatic box sealing Machine milk carton sealer
Model FXJ6050
Conveyor speed: 20m/min
Max.Packager size: W500 x H600mm
Min.Packager size: W150 x H100mm
Width of tape: 36mm,48mm,50mm,60mm
Power supply: 110V, 220-240V/50-60Hz
Power consumption: 0.18KVA
Machine size: 1630x800x1330mm
Machine weight: 145kg

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