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YKD2608MH is high performance digital step drive based on YAKO’s new 32-bit DSP technology. It’s designed for various models of two phase 57~86mm (NEMA 23~34) hybrid stepper motors which current are below 6A. With servo-similar control circuit and superior software algorithm, YKD2608MH has superior performance in smoothness, noise and vibration. Smooth and accurate current control technology greatly reduces motor heat.



  • 32 bit DSP control technology, low noise/vibration with excellent stability and low cost
  • 16 constant-torque microstep settings256 microsteps the highest
  • Smooth and accurate current control, effectively reduce motor heats
  • 350Kpps pulse response frequency
  • After step pulse stops for 200ms, output current automatically halve to reduce motor heat
  • Excellent smoothness in low frequency high microstep applications
  • Photoelectric isolated signal input/output, high anti interference ability
  • Drive current adjustable (under 6A)
  • Input voltage range: AC18~80V
  • Fault protection: over current, over voltage, low voltage protection, etc.
  • Small size: 151*94*54mm, 0.5kg


Typical Application:
Mainly used in engraving machine, laser equipment, labeling machines, electronic equipment, advertising equipment and other automation equipments. Works particularly good in the expectations of low heat, small noise, low vibration, high stability and high

YAKO - Stepper Drive (YKD2608MH)

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